E-Commerce Analytics & Consulting

Customer Analysis & E-commerce Analytics

E-commerce analysis includes a wide range of metrics related to Customer Analysis, such as Awareness, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention, and Advocacy.

Data Analysis for Your E-commerce

We support you in the data analysis of your e-commerce with the aim of understanding:

Types of E-commerce Analysis

1. Acquisition

We analyze the sources that determine a higher influx of traffic and those that generate more conversions or sales to enhance them and understand where to focus resources.

2. Behavior

We analyze the type of behavior of visitors once they land on the website.

3. Conversations

Analyzing data about conversions helps track, for example, which type of discount is best suited for each group of customers, with a view to offering personalized offers.

The Importance of Analyzing Your E-Commerce Data

1. Pricing Optimization

Optimize prices, up-sell, and inventory performance based on the best-selling products.

2. Purchase Personalization

Use customer data to personalize individual buying experiences.

3. Predictive Analysis & Decision Making

Make the best decisions for your e-commerce based on data and predictive analysis.