Fabrizio Barbarossa

Fabrizio Barbarossa, in addition to being CEO & Founder of Enterprise Consulting, is a university professor for the Digital Marketing course at the “G. D’Annunzio” University in Pescara and a lecturer at the 24 Ore Business School Digital Masters. He is the author of numerous patents in the field of digital business and has carried out numerous consulting activities for significant digital business companies.

E-Commerce Course

Nowadays digital is changing our lives: we communicate, meet, learn, and buy more and more online. E-business grows by 20% each year, and it stands alongside the traditional distribution model.
In recent years we have witnessed the closure of 60,000 traditional activities and we have seen numerous ones born online based on e-commerce.
However, having an e-commerce does not mean just having a site, it takes much more…

What? Prof Fabrizio Barbarossa explains it to you in this first lesson of the course “The advice of the Prof” in these lessons on the world of e-commerce.

Fabrizio Barbarossa
Founder & CEO

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Lesson 1

to e-commerce

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Visibility on Google
and on Social

Lesson 4

In-depth study
on visibility

Lesson 5

Introduction to the
commercial offer

Lesson 6

Commercial offer:
in-depth study

Lesson 7

Introduction to
digital business

Lesson 8


Lesson 9

Architecture of an
e-commerce (Pt. 1)

Lesson 10

Architecture of an
e-commerce (Pt. 2)

Lesson 11

The integrated
digital ecosystem

Lesson 12

Marketing Automation
and Remarketing

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Fabrizio Barbarossa, 2019

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Fabrizio Barbarossa, 2010