Predictive Marketing

Predictive analysis uses AI and the analysis of current and historical data to assess the probability that a certain event will occur in the future. According to research company Aberdeen, companies that identify customer needs through predictive analysis can increase their organic revenue by 21%, compared to an average of 12% without predictive analytics.

How we proceed with Predictive Marketing Analysis

The Importance of Predictive Marketing​

The use of predictive analysis removes doubts and hunches, identifying the most probable outcomes and allows focusing on the most interesting signals for a more accurate marketing strategy.

Ecommerce Consultancy: what we do

Know the Customers

Increase Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty by analyzing past actions and interests with the aim of segmenting audiences by providing them with targeted messages at the right time and on the right device.

Understand Valuable Customers

Predictive analysis allows identifying ideal audience segments close to conversion that deserve greater attention and reducing efforts on those that do not respond to marketing activities.

Optimize Costs

Predictive data allows determining where to concentrate advertising expenses and what are the channels and times that justify an increase in expenses.

Increase Loyalty

Predictive analysis assists in customer retention efforts through the integration of purchase history and consumer interests and sheds light on cross-sell and upsell opportunities.