Email Marketing Analysis

If you want your email marketing efforts to be successful, you need to regularly monitor your campaigns and use analytical information to improve them. This will help you optimize your emails and get the most out of your email marketing strategy.

DEM (Direct Email Marketing) Analytics allows you to use sophisticated behavioral segmentation and provide your subscribers with a more personalized experience that is highly enjoyable, minimizing the unsubscribe rate.

Most Important DEM Metrics to Monitor

1. Open Rate: The best way to use open rates to assess the success of your email campaigns is to compare them over time. You can also look at your open rates in the history of a specific campaign. Which of your emails received the highest open rate? Did you do anything different with that email? Even test elements like send times, sender name, and subject lines can improve email open rates. For example, you might find that your audience opens more messages in the morning. You can also conduct A/B tests to determine which subject lines lead to more openings.

2. Click Rate: An effective way to improve click-through rates is to ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices. If your emails do not display properly on mobile devices, people might not be able to read or click on the links in your emails.

3. Bounce Rate: You need to ensure you remove recipients from your email list after a hard bounce. If you do not remove them, you may see a reduced delivery rate.

4. Unsubscribe Rate: If you happen to see a sudden increase in unsubscribes, you will need to do some investigation. Obviously, recipients did not like something about the email you sent. Maybe the topic did not interest them, or perhaps you reached them at a bad time of the day. If you can identify specific trends, you will be more able to keep your subscribers happy and get the maximum return from your email efforts.

Why should you analyze your email campaigns?