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In the current context in which we live, digital advancement has radically redesigned the way we manage our daily lives. Every aspect of our lives, from social interaction to education, from purchasing essential goods to seeking entertainment, is now mediated by the online world.

Digitalization is not an ephemeral phenomenon, but an ever-growing trend that has had a profound impact on the structure of our societies.

The e-business sector, for example, has exploded exponentially with annual growth rates of 20%. This business model has successfully complemented the traditional distribution model, offering:

  • Innovative possibilities and solutions for consumers and companies.
  • the creation of a global trade network, ensuring efficiency and speed in transactions.

The decline of many traditional shops, with the closure of over 60,000 outlets across several sectors in recent times, has been a bittersweet event. However, in the face of this reality, we have witnessed the birth and growth of a significant number of online businesses.

E-commerce businesses have changed the face of commerce, quickly gaining popularity due to their accessibility, variety of products and services, and competitive rates.

However, creating an e-commerce doesn’t just mean creating a website, you need much more… What? Prof Fabrizio Barbarossa explains it to you in this first lesson of the “Prof’s advice” course .


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